In the post social media landscape, old school bar promotion is getting kind of old. And overlooked. Carlsberg wanted to give the bars a helping hand, connecting with consumers on their (social media) turf and in a new way that surely grabs their attention.


Tapping into existing consumer behaviour, we made it possible for bar guests to extend the happy hour simply by tagging an Instagram #HappyBeerTime and the name of the bar,

A plug’n’party stick with fully functional #HappyBeerTime OS was created and shipped of to bars. After plugging it in to their TV-sets they are ready to offer guests a happy beer time. On the tv screen, guests can now see the remaining happy hour time and prolong it by using Instagram. Participating guests’ photos will appear on screen as a little homage as well.


Everybody wins: Bars are promoted organically through Instagram, Carlsberg gets a lot of user generated content and guests have a prolonged happy hour. Say Cheers!

This is how it works

Step 1

Snap an Instagram at the bar.

Step 2

Tag it #HappyBeerTime and #[barname].

Step 3

Your Instagram then appears on screen, thereby automatically prolonging the bars happy hour.